Lindsey Lollie is a Mexican/African American dancer, teacher and choreographer from Altadena, CA.  Lollie teaches at Renaissance Arts Academy, a public charter school in Los Angeles.  She enjoys teaching and practicing movement as a way to connect to the community and exchange energy.  Over the years she has found refuge in movement through various forms and styles, from house to contemporary dance to yoga to chicago footwork. Lollie began her creative dance studies at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and later attended California Institute of the Arts.  After graduating she began making contemporary dance pieces and performing with her close friends and collaborators.  Lollie's pieces have been selected for festivals and art happenings in Los Angeles such as LA Dance Festival, Celebrate Dance, Redcat Studio, The Lightning Series, Hi Solo, Home LA, Calarts Commuter Fest, and Face the Music Dance Festival. She is the recipient of the D+R Residency through LA Performance Practice and the SHIFT Residency through Brockus Project Studios.  Lollie has worked closely with artists Stephanie Zaletel/szalt and Jordan Saenz, dancing and teaching together for many years.  She has also performed for Liz Hoefner, Sarah Elgart, Rebecca Bruno, Jay Carlon, Nguyen Nguyen and Mollie Wolf.