"When a Red-tail Hawk sees her prey she has a moment of drifting in the sky. Time slows down for a moment. Then she dives forward, wings folded in and is gone. Cutting a straight line across the sky, only getting faster as she closes in on her target.  I never see the target. It is too far away. She disappears."

Wind Down is a dance research piece where Lollie uses observation and movement exploration to deepen her connection to the Wind and Red-tail Hawks outside her doorstep.  In the Research + Development Residency Lollie picks up her movement practice outdoors, both solo and with dance artists Stephanie Zaletel and Jordan Saenz. Walks, hikes and dancing in the park are a part of Lollie’s weekly process as she learns about how Wind moves, speaks and supports the birds around her. Lollie has found that by being outside, nature is able to help with processing complex stories that cannot be rationalized. She believes that by taking time to witness nature, always in communication alongside us, we can receive messages and transform our personal narratives. For this project Lollie’s vision is to create a relationship with these Spirits and to share parts of the journey through movement and storytelling.

All donations go to the research and development of dance works. lollieworks is fiscally sponsored by Fulcrum Arts.