“I stretch my arms to fill the outside space, my lips still cracked. Small gusts of wind on my face. I see a red-tailed hawk is drifting above me, flying northeast. Time slows down for a moment. Then cutting a straight line across the sky she dives forward, wings folded in and is gone (12:59 pm).”


Wind Down is a dance piece in process where Lollie uses observation and movement exploration to deepen her investigation of the wind and birds outside her doorstep. In the Research + Development Residency Lollie picks up her movement practice outdoors with friends and collaborators Stephanie Zaletel and Jordan Saenz, going on walks, hikes and engaging in active observations of nature.  She has found that moving outdoors has helped her to re-integrate self expression mid-pandemic and to process complex stories that cannot be rationalized. She believes that by taking time to witness nature, always in communication alongside us, we can receive messages and transform our personal and collective narratives. This Residency is made possible through Los Angeles Performance Practice. 

All donations go to the research and movement process. lollieworks is fiscally sponsored by Fulcrum Arts.